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React on events during you Chaturbate shows. Show your appreciation to your guests with neat animated images and sounds. React on Room Entry, incoming Tips etc. Add this to your video stream using OBS or any other streaming software. 

Test TipTickerRuntime for a ful 24 hrs streaming time. Run our free Animations or consider to buy one of our professional Animations.



We got aware, that Microsofts SmartScreen Protection renders our Apps as a potential risk. This is not correct! All our apps respect privacy and do never collect any data and return it to our servers. Network analysing tools like Wireshark clearly show that there is no active network connection to our systems.

We are awaiting to get more reputation for our software and installers. Then these warning screens will go away.

In the meantime you are safe to proceed with the installation using the following steps:

If the following screen pops up, please click on "More info" ...

2020 06 08 12 38 10 SmartScreen


You will get then the following informational screen:

2020 06 08 12 39 38 SmartScreen

Then click on "Run anyway". This continues the setup process and gives us a bit more reputation.


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