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News (2020-10-27):

 1. IMPORTANT! Chrome browser extension has stopped working!

    • Unfortunately, our extension for the Chrome browser (and also the Lovense browser) no longer works. It is strongly recommended to deactivate or uninstall them.
    • If this extension is used during a transmission, the transmission of chat messages may be interrupted.
    • This does not mean our TipTicker app. This still works, but without the use of the Chrome extension.
    • We are working on a corresponding solution to be able to make the extended options available again.
    • If you have any problems, please report them using our contact form.

2. To use TipTicker without the Chrome Extension use the following steps:

    • Uncheck use Chrome extension
    • Start broadcasting
    • Click on the connect button
    • If you see the message: broadcaster not found, then you need to remove your country block for a short moment.
    • Then retry to connect.
    • After connection is established you can add the country block again.

I hope this helps to use TipTicker without the extension.