Download TipTicker for free!

You can download and test TipTicker (Basic) for a full 24 hours. 24 hours => 24 hrs of broadcasting.

That means, if you decide to broadcast every day 1 hour, you can use it for 24 days. If you want to be on air for 6 hours a day, you can use TipTicker for 4 days.

Use and test the tool as often and as long as you like, until 24 hours of broadcasting are done. You can develop your design and test it without being ever online.

Do all the designing work and finetuning and testing until you are happy. First understand how TipTicker works and play with it around offline. Not a second will get counted towards your test period!!

You can play around with pictures, animations, counters, goals and text. Test different tip amounts and ranges. Play and use all features and tweak your peronal design until you are happy with it.


The only limitation during test period is how long you use it while broadcasting. All other features are fully functional!!


If you like the tool then we would be happy to sell you a license. After successful purchasing your license, you only need to enter the license code in Tipticker and you are done. No reinstallation needed.


If you do not like TipTicker you can simply uninstall it and you are done.


During your test period you can register a single room and start and stop tipticker as much as you like. You can edit your design to your liking and test the result offline. 


Don't wait any longer and start to improve your income as a webcam model! Get more Money for your precious work!



Feature Basic Professional Designer
Local Installation
Small Size
Low requirements
Low Bandwidth usage
Immediate response on events
Unlimited own designs
Individual Tip Message design
Define Timings for Tip Messages
Test your settings and designs offline
More than 10 Images
More than 10 Texts
More than 10 Events
More than 10 Counters
Define own Animations
Use Sounds
Sell and license Designs


25.00 € 

60.00 € 

 300.00 €

Download now!