We happy to announce a new release of TipTicker.

Release is out.

Features added:

  • NEW: Ability to play sounds. You are now able to trigger the playback of sounds on incoming events (like tips etc.)
  • NEW: Start TipTicker at Windows startup
  • NEW: Start TipTicker minmized
  • NEW: Minimize to System Tray
  • NEW: Automatically connect to your Chaturbate room at startup of TipTicker

Changed Features:

  • CHANGED: Now it is possible to Change a Picture in the Image list and to change all attributes
  • CHANGED: Possibility to mass-change the attributes of selected Images (e.g. Opacity)
  • CHANGED: Preview of Images and Sounds
  • CHANGED: Change the port number to connect your broadcasting system with TipTicker
  • CHANGED: Now Pictures and animations can show up multiple times, even if events (e.g. Tips) come in rapidly

Bugs fixed:

  • FIXED: Timing of tip messages interfered with timing of events and pictures; now these timings are completely separated
  • FIXED: Under some circumstances it could happen that one picture wiped off another picture; fixed
  • FIXED: Included the newest changes in the Chaturbate Chat data


We are constantly working in getting our products and services better. 

 Get it and test it!

We now have #tutorials online!

Get started with #TipTicker by including it in @OBS

An easy #video tutorial to to get you up and running after installation of TipTicker.





There is a great tutorial available to create animated GIFs.

Animated GIF tutorial

It uses paint.net ... get it here.

The long awaited TipTicker manual is ready. You can download it from our Downloads Section. If there is still something missing them please contact us via contact form or ask a question in our forum.

Thanks for your patience.



Ahora puedes descargar el Manual de configuración de TipTicker en español. ¡Gracias por su paciencia!