Here you can watch all our professional animations in action (we call them TTDesigns). These are the "Documents" or "Programs" which get executed by TipTicker.

Bees Professional

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Cats Professional

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Clouds Professional

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Elegant Professional 

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Espace Professional

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Gamer Professional

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Kawaii Professional

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News (2020-09-24):

  1. TipTicker Update is out!
    • Many bugs have been fixed!
    • We support now .webp images
    • We support now .apng
    • We are now able to change texts dynamically during an animation
    • We support now actual time and date in texts
    • We added many additional events, like room entry, tips by fanclub members
  2. TipTicker Runtime is available!
    • Fully compatible with TipTicker Professional
    • Easier to run
    • Smaller footprint
    • fewer capabilities to change an animation
    • no built in Teleprompter
    • no logging
  3. All our free TipTicker Animations are available in our shop!
    • Beautifully handcrafted pictures by our Designer liarappzy
    • Basic animations
    • Few events
    • mostly no sounds
  4. All our professional TipTicker Animations are now available in our shop!
    • Beautifully handcrafted pictures by our Designer liarappzy
    • Fully animated
    • Many events
    • Most of the animations have multiple sounds for incoming events
  5. You can now buy our software and pay with chaturbate tokens!
    • As you enter our shop you can select your currency
    • To buy with Chaturbate tokens select # CBT
    • In checkout you have only one payment option, Chaturbate Tokens.
    • You will see the sum also in # CBT
    • Detailed instructions (it is really easy) show you how to pay.
  6. We are cooperating with a very talented designer who serves us with fantastic graphics and animations!
    • liarappzy is well known in the business for his extravagant and beautiful Bio's. This Guy is the creative head behind most of our Animations
    • He promised to produce more and more of his creative animations. So stay tuned and visit us often.
  7. liacam_ joined our team!
    • This young lady is one of most popular influencers in the webcam business. 
    • With years of experiences she shares her ideas and hints in her own Youtube channel. 
    • She is actively presenting her ideas, advises and tutorials in Instagram and her own Chaturbate shows
    • liacam_ prepares all our tutorials on how to handle TipTicker and will present the usage.


Good news to all who have had concerns about security risks while using our software.

Today we have started to digitally sign our software. With this feature you can be sure that the applications you downloaded from us, are provided by us.

This feature prohibits any fraudolent actions on our programs.

While installing you won't get bothered by nag screens and security warnings (except SmartScreen which checks our reputation).

You can always check the file properties to check who is issuer of the applicatons.

Windows will no longer complain about security risks.


We got aware, that Microsofts SmartScreen Protection renders our Apps as a potential risk. This is not correct! All our apps respect privacy and do never collect any data and return it to our servers. Network analysing tools like Wireshark clearly show that there is no active network connection to our systems.

We are awaiting to get more reputation for our software and installers. Then these warning screens will go away.

In the meantime you are safe to proceed with the installation using the following steps:

If the following screen pops up, please click on "More info" ...

2020 06 08 12 38 10 SmartScreen


You will get then the following informational screen:

2020 06 08 12 39 38 SmartScreen

Then click on "Run anyway". This continues the setup process and gives us a bit more reputation.


We are new on the market, so microsoft does not kow us very well. Please test us, so we grow our reputation. Future apps will benefit from that because SmartScreen will no longer tag us as an unknown developer.

Free Tools from us!

Get TelePrompter for Chaturbate chat!

2020 05 29 17 55 56 Win10 eng Software Installiert Running Oracle VM VirtualBox


With this neat application you are able to view your incoming chat messages (including Private Messages, Tip Messages and Purchase Messages) as an overlay in OBS (or any other streaming software). 


  • Displays your chat messages from your Chaturbate broadcast
  • Supports transparency with click-through capabilities
  • Set color codes for different message types
  • Displays the gender on most messages
  • Displays emotes and animated gifs
  • Receives Chat, PM, Purchase, Tip
  • Supports always on top
  • No additional bandwidth consumption
  • Connects to our Chrome Extension
  • Totally Free, no additional costs

Download from our Downloads section now and start reading your chat while using OBS in full screen mode.


We are proud to announce our latest TipTicker release!

Version is out!

Over the last months we were quiet with new versions and releases of our tools. That was because we did some major changes under the hood of Tipticker. We added masses of new features, worked on the stability, made it easier to use and included many features which our customers requested. Thanks for that massive input.

Following features were added:

  1. Connecting to your alias using a Chrome Extension
  2. Statistics menu with many informations regarding recieved tips, tokens, users online and purchases
  3. Teleprompter, a screen which help you to read the messages coming in via chat, pm, tip note, purchase information
  4. Multingual support; now you can select between English, Spanish and German (other languages are in work ...)
  5. Studios and CamModels with many aliases can now use floating licenses, which greatly saves costs.
  6. Many more detail messages in the logging system
  7. Defining standard settings via program options
  8. Control of Teleprompter through Teleprompter options
  9. In Design Options you are now able to react on Room Entry, Room Leave and limit the events to User Names, User Roles (depending on Fan, Mod Tip amount) and date ranges
  10. In Edit Images you are now able to copy an image, you have an preview and it is much easier to set the properties according your wishes.
  11. Help system. We provide now up-to-date help for all topics around TipTicker. All this information is maintained here online on this site.

We made TipTicker more stable, reliable and robust. It should now work on any language environment and any country setting. 

Download now from our Downloads section!

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