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More success for Webcam Models! All Camgirls (and -boys) can add to their earnings by using this awesome tool. Get tokens faster and easier! Download and test it for free! It works as an overlaying Browser Source in all major streaming softwares (including OBS).




News (2020-09-24):

  1. TipTicker Update is out!
    • Many bugs have been fixed!
    • We support now .webp images
    • We support now .apng
    • We are now able to change texts dynamically during an animation
    • We support now actual time and date in texts
    • We added many additional events, like room entry, tips by fanclub members
  2. TipTicker Runtime is available!
    • Fully compatible with TipTicker Professional
    • Easier to run
    • Smaller footprint
    • fewer capabilities to change an animation
    • no built in Teleprompter
    • no logging
  3. All our free TipTicker Animations are available in our shop!
    • Beautifully handcrafted pictures by our Designer liarappzy
    • Basic animations
    • Few events
    • mostly no sounds
  4. All our professional TipTicker Animations are now available in our shop!
    • Beautifully handcrafted pictures by our Designer liarappzy
    • Fully animated
    • Many events
    • Most of the animations have multiple sounds for incoming events
  5. You can now buy our software and pay with chaturbate tokens!
    • As you enter our shop you can select your currency
    • To buy with Chaturbate tokens select # CBT
    • In checkout you have only one payment option, Chaturbate Tokens.
    • You will see the sum also in # CBT
    • Detailed instructions (it is really easy) show you how to pay.
  6. We are cooperating with a very talented designer who serves us with fantastic graphics and animations!
    • liarappzy is well known in the business for his extravagant and beautiful Bio's. This Guy is the creative head behind most of our Animations
    • He promised to produce more and more of his creative animations. So stay tuned and visit us often.
  7. liacam_ joined our team!
    • This young lady is one of most popular influencers in the webcam business. 
    • With years of experiences she shares her ideas and hints in her own Youtube channel. 
    • She is actively presenting her ideas, advises and tutorials in Instagram and her own Chaturbate shows
    • liacam_ prepares all our tutorials on how to handle TipTicker and will present the usage.

Who we are

We are a startup company aiming to make the business of professional WebCam performers easier.

With this goal in mind, we develop software to assist you in creating unique content and media streams.

We want to assist you in running you broadcasting business with the fitting applications.

With the right tools a job gets better and easier done.

We develop our software with focus in customer needs and easy usage.

And to be sure any Webcam Professional can afford our tools we offer them at very moderate prices.


TipTicker fact sheet

  • Reacts on many different events
  • Adds animations
  • Adds images
  • Adds sounds
  • Adds information
  • Counts towards goals
  • Easy setup

Get TipTicker if you want to:

  • Get more guests
  • Enhance your live stream
  • Want to stand out from others
  • Give direct feedback
  • Show appreciation
  • Reward supporters and fans
  • Get new viewers
  • Spoil the flow of tips and tokens

All you need is your fantasy and imagination... and TipTicker!



  • PC with Windows 10 (Home is ok)
  • Streaming software
  • Model registration with Chaturbate
  • Creativity




Get more money from your guests

Create unique shows

Add animated images

Add sound effects

Enhance your live stream

Give direct feedback to your audience

Show your appreciation

Reward your supporters

Get new viewers

Spoil the flow of tips and tokens

React on events, like reaching goals

Your imagination and fantasy are the limit

Easy setup


Download now from our Downloads section!


WebCam Office

Organise your cam business with ease

start mailings to your fans

backup chats

count your tips and tokens

automate email delivery and selling items

Control communications

Plan and invite your fans to special events

and many more...

Get more done in less time

Coming soon... so check back often!


Many more tools planned

depending on your input we will realize many more useful apps to make your webcam business more successful.



Now available! Get more out of your streams and broadcasts!


TipTicker is the right application to enhance your video stream while broadcasting on Chaturbate (other Platforms will follow).

In conjunction with all major streaming software:

Supported streaming services:

Basic requirements are:

  • PC with Windows 10 (Home is ok)
  • Streaming software
  • Model registration with Chaturbate
  • Creativity

 Supported webcam services:

 Benefits are:

  • Shows your appreciation to your guests
  • Teases the guests to spend more money while watching your show
  • Gives direct feedback to your guests about their tips
  • Every tip is counted and shown in your stream
  • Easy installation
  • No recurring costs

Download now from our Downloads section!

Local Installation

  • TipTicker gets installed on a local PC
  • Works within your own network
  • No need to rely on remote services
  • Easy Setup
  • Download now from our Downloads section!

Small footprint

  • Low bandwidth usage for Internet connection
  • Low CPU-usage (around 1 to 4% of an average broadcasting system)
  • immediate response on incoming events


Low costs

  • Starts at 60 $ for the runtime version
  • can be installed on more than one system
  • Is licensed on the broadcasting channel
  • No recurring charges
  • Full support included
  • Bugfixes and improvements included within version


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