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News (2022-04-05): TipTicker Studio released

  • TipTicker Studio helps studio owners to maintan the licenses and to distribute them. With this solution it is not necessary to have licenses for each model working for the studio.
  • It is advised to have a license seat for each place which is used concurrently to broadcast. E.g. if you have 10 models working for the studio, but only 5 rooms provided for streaming the shows, the studio only needs 5 licenses.
  • These licenses can be shared between any number of models who are contracted by the studio.
  • These licenses can be used everywhere, at any place, in studio network or from the home of the model or any other place which suits the need of the show.
  • With TipTicker Studio a studio can assign licenses for the usage of TipTicker to any model working for them. If a model leaves the contract with the studio, then there is no need to worry about the owned license. The studio can assign it to the new colleague and this model can immediately use TipTicker in the stream.
  • All changes take place immediately. No calls to CamModelTools needed. The studio owns the licenses, not the models working for them.
  • If a studio offers own animations then TipTicker Studio is the platform to distribute them to their models. All Animations provided by the studio are available to all models working for them.

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